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Episode 6: The Bureau of Fearless Ideas

It's time that I revealed my true identity: I am an agent for the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas. Oh--you're not familiar with the Bureau? Well that's okay, because you're about to learn all about them and the amazing work that they do in this BFI mega episode! It features seven stories, some of them from a Tiny Histories workshop with BFI students, and some of them from BFI's grownup leaders. You'll travel from Seattle to Thailand and Ethiopia and back again. You'll learn about religions and cultures, and encounter Robert Frost and a significant penguin. There are fireworks, road trips with a dog named Blue, and a mysterious locket washed up on the shore by the sea. And best of all, you'll meet this community of creative, kind, and fearless people.

Storytellers include BFI students, Judah, Rahma, and Eka and BFI staffers, Faith Eakin, Chris Robinson, and Bryan Wilson.

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