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Episode 9: The Hodges Effect

This episode starts with the teeniest tiny object that Tiny Histories has ever covered: particles of dust. Art museum dust, to be exact. Back in the day, Sean Miller had a job cleaning dust from the art at the Seattle Art Museum. In true artist form, he worked with the medium he had at his disposal and followed it to see where it took him—in this case, into the strange but true history of a woman named Ann Hodges, up into space, and back down to Earth again, deeper into his own family history.

Don't forget to sign the petition to have November 30th declared International Meteorite Awareness Day for Ann Hodges!

Check out the panel discussion about the Hodges Effect that took place in October of 2021 here:

Download a transcript of this Tiny Histories episode here:

Tiny Histories Episode 9_ Sean Miller (transcript)
Download PDF • 49KB

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