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Episode 3: A small kit full of agency and freedom

Sometimes, the story is about the absence of a thing, or the loss of a thing. That's the story for over 500 million people all over the world--including people in the United States--when it comes to menstrual products. Not having access to this small thing causes people to lose days of school, to lose wages from their jobs; it robs them of their agency and often alters the course of their lives in major ways. Days for Girls is an organization that is working to change this situation by providing people with menstrual kits (see photo above) that can be used for years at a time. In this episode of the podcast, we travel to Nairobi, Kenya where mother and daughter Christine Khamasi and Patricia Ayuma tell inspiring stories of how this small thing changed their lives for the better, both personally and professionally.

If you want to hear more about Days for Girls and how you can get involved, check out this episode of the Sew and Tell podcast, featuring DfG founder and CEO, Celeste Mergens. Trust me--it'll make you want to assemble an army of sewists and get to work!

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