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Episode 2: One man's trash is another man's universe

Even the tchotchkes on our desks have stories behind them. Especially if that desk happens to be in the art studio of Jack Massing, one half of the conceptual art duo, the Art Guys. Jack is a kind of connoisseur of found objects. And in this episode of Tiny Histories, he tells the story of one such found object that he's had for over forty years, how it helped form who he became as an artist, and how its meaning has changed for him over the course of his life.

Read this great retrospective on the Art Guys in Glasstire, which also happens to be an obituary for the other half of the duo, Michael Galbreth.

To learn how you can advocate for indigenous people, please visit the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, the Native American Rights Fund, or Cultural Survival.

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